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Why Work For WA Freight Group?

WA Freight Group is an equal opportunity employer, providing employment opportunities within the logistics sector, built on a culture of integrity and excellence. Working at WA Freight Group will allow you to embrace a culture of integrity and achievement. We aim to give every employee the opportunity to develop to their full potential in a supportive environment where individual and team contributions are recognised and rewarded.


Our overriding commitment to our employees is to provide a safe working environment, appropriate and timely training, the right equipment to do the job safely, and a culture which insists that safety comes first.

Our goal is zero harm and we are serious about achieving it.

As evidenced by our Key Performance indicators and our continuous awareness of rigorous safety standards and safe work policies, our primary aim is to return employees home from work safely – each and every night.

We listen to our employees and act accordingly. We understand what matters about equipment, procedures, instructions, or the behaviour of your colleagues (including bullying or harassment), and we treat your concerns seriously.

After all, safety is every single team member’s responsibility and we can only create a safe environment by working together to eliminate unsafe work conditions.


We believe our business will grow if our employees are growing as well. WA Freight Group provides individuals with the opportunity to work in a business environment what allows employees to improve day to day work practices and service offering through the latest in training, education, up-skilling and support.

The Group offers a range of in-house and external accredited training and professional development programs, providing individuals with the opportunity to work in a business environment what allows employees to improve day to day safe work practices and service offering for undertaking their role.

We recognise that as our people achieve and reach their full potential, our organisation and customers’ business reaps the benefits.


With one of the broadest fields of operation in the logistics industry, we offer employment across a range of specialties from entry-level to senior management.

Our aim is to foster ‘home-grown’ stars, providing internal promotion and career pathway development opportunities to those who demonstrate competence, excellence and a commitment to our Group values and customers.